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The Incredible Story of Becoming Generational Wealth Coach

Yes !!! It was Tough but It was meant to be Tough — Born in a lower middle-class family in a small village and son of a temple priest.

It was the year 2009, Journey started after I came out of 12th standard. Lot of expectations from me as what is that I am going to select as my career and my parents wanted to get the best college admission, but I had a problem of not being able to communicate in English. I made my mind to continue my career in management field and with the help of my close relative I got the admission to a well-known university (Amita Vishwavidyapeetham). It was my one of the favorite places called Mysore. My parents didn’t had enough money to pay the college fee upfront and with the God grace my uncle helped my parents with his influence.

What a 18 years old kid wants to get the freedom to live alone what he wants. But wait This is where Character is being built when No one is watching You. Watch yourself.

Lived in a hostel room shared with 4 more room mates for 3 years where I was comfortably be able to sleep and used to get food from hostel. The people who have supported me throughout my life have been extremely kind. My parents and siblings have been my constant companions throughout the entire journey I’ve been on up to this point. All of them have come to be a part of my life. God has always been so kind to me that He has sent me Angels to help me along the way.

It was 3 years journey. During the initial days I was not able to talk even a single sentence in English because all my basic education was in Kannada language. I was lucky enough to get an extra care and support from my teachers as they helped me to improve my communication skills and confidence by giving the daily assignments. Since I was on hostel my pocket money was just Rs.250 from my father. It was time Rs.250 also a very big amount because my mother just came out of hospital after all the cancer treatment. Since the university is supporting spirituality and I am the son of a temple priest are matched together and improved my spiritual skills from there. When I lookback what I have created a lot of friends, blessing of their parents and a special name due to my spiritual connect.

The next journey started in 2012 when I entered my postgraduation level. I struggled to get an education loan. My parents still didn’t give up, took a personal loan keeping their personality, land on stake and made me to learn from one of the famous universities (Jain University). Finished my postgraduation successfully and got into the corporate job in 2014.

The job was continuing without any problem but It was a July 2018 I was completing 3 years of my corporate life. I was in a position of not knowing what to do next. I had a best family, best friends, best health, and everything but one thing was missing that is money. It was a moment where I didn’t have one pie in my hand and sitting on the credit of more than Rs.10lakhs whereas my earning was just 4 lakhs. This is the time I lost trust of my best friends, relatives, colleagues and poor performance at work. The feeling was so worst that nobody was ready to accept, my words lost the power, my closed ones were laughing and no respect for my presence.

Everyone lost faith in me but there was one person who is my father. He is a temple priest, and he earnt a great respect with his own power of managing money. Before he was asking me to get out, he came to me and said “People assess you based on what and how much you have, money is the power, and we have to respect that power to earn it. Now get out and earn that respect and power”

This made me realize where I was doing wrong. Then I decide to have this amazing power not only for myself but also for my generations. From their till today I live with a philosophy of focus with taking massive action and there by producing the results.

This is the Story of many of us Who come from small town with Big Dreams, Some of them lose themselves in Dreams itself but some Work For their dreams. Some Lose in Shiny Objects of Big cities but some be Mature enough to understand why they are here. Some crib, Cry and Complain and some make their future on that. Some go for instant Gratification and some for delayed Gratification.

But What Was at stake for me. It was the Pride of Parents, Family members, Relatives, Society at large, teachers, Gurus, and all stakeholders who contributed and touched any part of my life, That was at stake, I was a small part of Big Game. I Proudly acknowledge I played that game well and make them proud. Returned the greatest return on their investment made on me by including All Real Heros of my Life. I am the Result But They were the cause.

Yes !!! It was Tough but It was was meant to be Tough …..

Go ahead and try it – you might just surprise yourself!

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