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About Ravi

From Rs.6.5lacs to Rs.10 lacs p.m. : My Journey of Exponential Income Growth.

"Wealth is more than earnings; it's values, vision, and wise choices."

– Ravi T Sharma, Generational Wealth Coach & Certified Financial Planner
About Ravi T Sharma

Ordinary Man. Extraordinary Financial Triumph.

All, who have taken out time to put in their efforts and time to know me; I am thankful to you all.

You are different from others as you have a craving to do better. I am here, all set to help you to excel in life. 


My motto is to “Create the need of You Being There”

As you have decided to transform your life, and you are in search of a Coach to guide you, direct you, and enable you to change your destiny – it is advise-worthy to know who you are choosing as your Coach. Remember, Arjun chose Krishna as his charioteer, and Duryodhana chose the Narayani Sena – rest is history. 

I am a man of Iron Will, who believes in Compound Effect. Know me better, to be the best.

I am a Resourceful Advisory Veteran & Inspiration – a Generational Wealth Coach – Spearheading an emerging Community & Consultancy for “Fincrunched” set of people, named Power Money Hub.

Resilient by character, Authentic by nature, Vaulting by habits, and Incredible by all the means – I have been serving this Wealth Industry for more than a decade. I have helped more than 500 FINTRAPPED people to overcome their situation, and manage their money through my expertise in this domain.

My Background & Academics

I am a live proof of “rising above your challenges”. I am a hard core believer of the concept that if, Common Sense is applied, it yields amazingly uncommon results. “Your life is the net result of each step you take, each choice you make.” I know this and thus, I dictate my own terms to define my character and my actions.

I am from a lower middle class family, and now based out of Mangalore. We are a closely knitted & strongly bonded family. We firmly believe in the power of togetherness. I am deeply influenced & inspired by my ‘Father’, a man of his words & Values. He taught me how a common & simple man can transform another’s life. The core values I possess are being inherited from him. I am a down to earth person, have practical approach and compassion at heart. I have seen ups & downs in life, and have learned it hard way that this all is the compound effect of our actions, habits, choices & decisions which make us or break us.

My life has been a roller coaster so far. Throughout my academics I was a top performer, but when it comes to interactions I have always been an introvert. Though my initial schooling was in regional medium, but the quality of education was excellent. I was very regular and punctual. Being consistent made me win many battles. I always have believed that it’s not only the effort that matters, but also the final outcome that has value. All my actions are result oriented.

Three years of my graduation, changed a lot many things within me and around. During my teen age, I was in my own imaginary world but these years gave exposure to understand the real world. This experience changed all three Cs of mine – Character, Career, and Communication. I learned life lessons hard way, but I never gave up on myself. I admit that learning is a never ending process. Your learning is an invaluable gift to yourself. The biggest room in this world is the room for self improvement. Working on myself continuously brought me close to my success.

I am a Certified Financial Planner & an MBA; and I started my career with an IT firm in Bangalore in the year 2014. Though, my early professional life was good enough to enjoy, but I was not good enough to manage my cash flow – which resulted in a financial crisis. This was a life-changing point for me. I declined to let the problems limit my growth and freedom. I refused to let my dreams perish.

Our Core

Empowering Generations with Wealth Wisdom

Vision, Mission, Motto & Values of Ravi T Sharma

My Financial Experiences

I took the charge of my financial life to make it better by understanding the entire gamut of MONEY Management. I am a firm believer that anyone & everyone in life is born with an asset, called “Self Belief “. I advocate that our personal finances are our own responsibility, and I have a valid point to make. When I started my career, my income was 4 lacs per annum, and now my per annum earning is 21 lacs. My perseverance led me to accelerate my growth. This resulted in leading a debt free, financially independent life. I underline the success mantra in just 3 points –

  • Learn to Earn
  • Spend less Earn More
  • Regulate & Review your Finances

While narrating my success story through sheer hard work, I have significantly addressed a few thought provoking flaws of our Financial Life Style – Ignoring or misunderstanding the concept of Money, importance of Cash flow management, disowning the responsibility of our own Finances, taking our income casually, depending on only one source of income, showcasing our ability to spend, not our saving ability, lack of planning for finances inflow, investment plans, retirement plans, managing our financial assets, etc. “Every individual is different and so is his financial problems.” If you want to grow exponentially, you need to put efforts in an exponential manner too, this means to evaluate and work on passive source of income to have regular cash flow throughout the life. I am extremely passionate to help people solve their Personal Finance related problems.

I geared up my life by taking the challenges regarding helping people through providing Generational Wealth Coaching. In August, 2022 – I decided to take a different road to success, as my expectations from my life was way high than what life was showing me up. My dreams fuelled my determination & drive to unleash the Entrepreneur in ME. With proper introspection, Self Analysis, Skill Enhancement, I took my first step to be an Entrepreneur. I started my own venture.


Some Awards We've Won.

My Community

I am a proud founder of Power Money Hub for this purpose, with a mission to help 10 million people by 2025. My Power Money Hub has 2 wings – Community & Consultancy. I help people in the community by making them learn how to earn money, by helping them create multiple source of income, coaching them on how to manage finance, counsel professional on career building in Finance Stream. Through Consultancy, I help people in building their financial plans, investment plans and retirement plan. I help them in making their financial decisions.

My Guru

My Spiritual Guru gave me the vision to help society, my Business Coach facilitated the treasure chest of my ideas about Entrepreneurship, and my Mentor showed me the path to achieve greater success. I am grateful to all the teachers in my life, who have carved me. Einstein once said, “Compounding is the 8th Wonder of the world.” I realized the power of compounding Actions, Choices & Decisions – my Community & Consulting is a Success Operation Manual, which enables people to experience Finance Freedom. You just need to eradicate your bad habits (some of which even you are unaware of) that are derailing your progress. It painlessly installs the few key disciplines needed for major breakthroughs.

My Subject Matter Expertise

With my Subject Matter Expertise, I provide tailor made solutions to the people who are associated with me, and with great pride I speak about how I have been helping hundreds of people overcome their financial problems and leading a debt free life. I am approachable and I excel in troubleshooting the problems in a very systematic manner.

I have lead many clubs in Personal Finances space for more than a year with the professionals to help them shape their Financial Habits. I also host cash-flow games by Robert Kiyosaki for various clubs. 

I elaborate the methodology of Money Creation & Management, with massive focus on action driven assignments and on tools to review the progress. I’m a highly dedicated professional, who aims to help people to attain Financial Freedom. Power Money Hub is ready to extend the helping hand, come join the community to accelerate your growth everyday.


The community bridges the gap of what you are achieving & what you can achieve, whereas the Consultancy provides you the framework and roadmap to correct/restructure your financial cores.

“Quitters ask WHY, Winners say TRY”. You are just a step away from the Solution and I’m just a call away !! Connect to make the difference.